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Our Jersey City physical therapists can create a healthy heart plan for patients with cardiovascular disease

by ggargiulo, January 26, 2018

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death throughout the world, and with about 610,000 Americans dying because of it each year, it accounts for about 1 out of every 4 deaths in the country. The recommended treatments for individuals with CVD usually consist of significant changes in lifestyle and diet, but regular exercise and physical activity is always central to any plan to improve heart health. One of the best ways to accomplish activity goals is through a course of physical therapy, and our Jersey City physical therapists frequently see and treat patients with this condition.

CVD is actually an umbrella term used to describe a number of diseases that affect the heart and rest of the circulatory system, which includes blood vessels that travel throughout the body. Although there are many types of CVD, they all involve one artery—or several—becoming clogged, either from fat, calcium deposits or something else. When this occurs, blood vessels become more and more narrow, which gradually cuts off the blood supply to other parts of the body. In extreme situations, this lack of blood can cause a heart attack, stroke or even death if it is not addressed.

CVD is more common in adults, but can affect anyone at any age. With increasing rates of obesity, it’s being seen more frequently in children, although symptoms usually don’t start to show until adulthood. CVD can also lead to congestive heart failure (CHF), which essentially means that the heart is not pumping blood as well as it should to reach all organs of the body. The heart continues to work in these patients, but the body’s need for blood and oxygen is not being met. This can lead to additional health complications.

Patients diagnosed with CVD are often instructed to make a number of changes to their daily lives, such as eating healthier, quitting smoking, sitting less and exercising more. Meeting each of these expectations is often a difficult task, especially if an individual is being asked to exercise regularly if they have never done so in the past. While physical therapy cannot actually cure CVD, our Jersey City physical therapists can play an important part in improving your heart health and helping you exercise more frequently.

How our Jersey City physical therapists can help patients with heart issues

If you seek out treatment at our clinic, our physical therapists will:

  • Build a “heart healthy” exercise program that is based on your individual goals and abilities to slowly and steadily strengthen your heart, even if you’ve never exercised before
  • Address any mobility issues you may be having that are preventing you from getting around, such as knee or hip pain
  • Educate and encourage simple lifestyle changes such as how to become more physically active in your daily life
  • Offer tips to reduce stress levels, since stress can make heart problems worse

Effectively dealing with your CVD can be a daunting task that might seem overwhelming at times, and you may feel the need for some assistance to help you through the process. Our Jersey City physical therapists see patients with CVD and CHF frequently, and we are well versed in providing comprehensive treatment programs that are feasible for every type of patient. So if you’re dealing with any heart problems or any other painful conditions, Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy is here to help. Contact us at 201-792-3840 to schedule an appointment today at our flagship Jersey City clinic, the Jersey City Medical Center Outpatient Therapy Department, our Bayonne office or at Clara Maas Medical Center in Belleville, NJ, or click here for more information on CVD.