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jersey city physical therapists foot pain

Our Jersey City physical therapists recommend finding alternative ways to stay active while working through any form of foot pain

by ggargiulo, August 11, 2017

Any injury or amount of pain will usually mess with your ability to function normally in one way or another. Sometimes, the degree of impairment is manageable—like some mild neck pain after sleeping in a bad position—while other injuries severely interrupt some of your favorite activities. For runners and other extremely active individuals, foot pain […]

shoulder pain in jersey city

How to avoid shoulder pain in Jersey City from overdoing it in the pool

by ggargiulo, July 31, 2017

Swimming season may be over for some, but for the hardcore competitors, training is a year-round affair. As the most popular low-impact fitness activity in the country, over one million Americans are involved in recreational or competitive swimming, and more than one third of them practice and compete throughout the entire year. While competitive swimming […]

bayonne physical therapists summer sun

Our Bayonne physical therapists urge you to be careful when exercising outdoors to avoid heat-related complications

by ggargiulo, July 19, 2017

New Jersey has had its share of ultra-hot days already this summer, and the forecast over the next few days is calling for temperatures to dip past the 90-degree mark once again. For some, these types of days are far too hot to even consider spending any more time outdoors than is completely necessary. For […]

wrist pain in Jersey City

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of hand and wrist pain in Jersey City, but our hand therapists can offer treatments to nip it in the bud

by ggargiulo, June 22, 2017

For most of us, using our hands is a big part of our professions, whether that happens to consist of typing at a computer or building a house. Another component of many occupations is that the task we perform needs to be completed over and over, in a repetitive fashion. Unfortunately, the repetitive motions involved […]

jersey city hand therapists

Our Jersey City hand therapists can address your trigger finger with a variety of effective treatments

by ggargiulo, June 9, 2017

Trigger finger may sound like something the best gunslingers in Wild West were once respected for having, but it’s actually a diagnosis of the finger(s) that can prove to be a real problem to normal functioning. Fortunately, our Jersey City hand therapists offer a variety of techniques to treat it and make the symptoms more […]


Don’t let heel pain in Bayonne throw a wrench in the spokes of your exercise routine

by ggargiulo, May 29, 2017

Although the upcoming forecast is a bit mixed over the next two weeks, we’ve already gotten enough of a taste of spring here in northern New Jersey to entice many to get active outdoors once again. For some of you, that might mean reestablishing your exercise routine that’s been shelved for a while, whether that […]

jersey city physical therapists pitching mechanics

Jersey City physical therapists recommend focusing on proper throwing mechanics to avoid pitching injuries this season

by ggargiulo, May 18, 2017

Baseball season is now in full swing, with action heating up on all levels of play. With this in mind, our Jersey City physical therapists believe that now is a great time to discuss the risk for injuries in youth baseball, and what parents, coaches and players can do to reduce it. The sport of […]

avoiding tennis injuries

Ace your tennis game and avoid an injury this season with our expert tips

by ggargiulo, April 20, 2017

Warmer weather always brings about a great deal of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy it, and for some people, that means grabbing their set of racquets and heading to the nearest tennis court. Tennis is a great aerobic activity that works out many parts of the body and can help you stay in shape. […]

jersey city physical therapy back injuries

Jersey City physical therapy is your fastest route back to the office after a work-related back injury

by ggargiulo, April 10, 2017

If you work in an office like many Americans, you probably see it as a reasonably safe place in which to get your job done. Well, the truth is that while your risk for injury is lower than many other professions, millions of people still get injured from working desk jobs. Work-related back injuries are […]

golf injuries in bayonne

Hit the links without letting your game sink by avoiding golf injuries in Bayonne

by ggargiulo, March 27, 2017

Of the many spoils that spring brings, for those that golf, few are sweeter than the first game back on the links. While many other outdoor sports and activities can still be performed to some extent indoors during the crippling winter months, golf is one of the few that absolutely requires good weather and conditions […]