Common Injuries

Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, expert clinicians in the assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, is working with, the leader in sports bracing, to provide you with up-to-date information on common injuries experienced in sports. We've invited BetterBraces to share their expertise and explain the important role of braces in addition to physical therapy in the comprehensive management of these injuries.

Play it smart to stay on the court: reduce the risk for basketball injuries
by taking appropriate precautions and following recommendations

Basketball Injuries

Basketball has changed significantly over the course of its history of more than a century, and perhaps most noticeable is the aggressive speed and intensity that players compete with on the court today. These changes have increased basketball's entertainment value and attract many to the sport, but the influx of players and rapid style of play also have the unfortunate side effect of more overall injuries. One out of every four high school basketball players will experience at least one injury each year, which can sideline athletes and lead to long-term issues if not treated properly. Preventative measures and education on necessary treatments, on the other hand, can reduce injury risk and help keep players active for longer.

Runners who experience knee injuries can reduce pain
and prevent future injuries by wearing a knee brace

Running has exploded in popularity over the past few decades. More than 40 million Americans currently claim they run on a regular basis, and for most of them, it’s the wide-ranging health benefits that have attracted them to do so. Running has been found to help control weight, reduce the risk for a number of chronic diseases, and improve mood and overall health, among other benefits. On the downside, it’s also associated with a moderate risk for a number of injuries, which can prevent individuals from taking advantage of the many life-enhancing qualities running can provide. Knee injuries are most common for runners, but they are certainly not inevitable. By educating yourself on some of the most common running-related injuries, knowing their signs and symptoms, and taking the proper steps—rest, bracing and physical therapy—when they occur will help you keep your injury risk at a minimum. Find out how you can enjoy the spoils of running while avoiding a bothersome knee injury.