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Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy (S&G PT) is a rehabilitation practice providing physical and occupational therapy services for the past 35 years in Hudson County. Pediatric Therapy Resources (PTR) is the pediatric division of S&G PT, which provides occupational and physical therapy services to children of all ages, from infants to adolescents. PTR has provided these services in the Jersey City Public Schools for the past 17 years and also provides services in its outpatient clinic and through its early intervention division PTR, LLC. A staff of over 30 experienced and qualified New Jersey licensed/school certified occupational and physical therapists along with licensed assistants and administrative/support staff comprise the PTR team.

Therapist NameDiscipline
Amanda Bender Occupational Therapist
Melissa Hernando Bernardino Occupational Therapist
Lisa Carter Occupational Therapist
Olga Chaikovsky Physical Therapist
Linda Charles Occupational Therapy Assistant
Tziv Hirshy Cohen Occupational Therapist
Cheryl Corpuz Occupational Therapist
Lynn Curtis-Vinegra Physical Therapist
Barbara Cwyl Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mary Kelley Doherty Occupational Therapist
Irene Egan Occupational Therapist
Claudia Ficosecco Occupational Therapist
Susan Fruhbeis Occupational Therapist
Carl Gargiulo Physical Therapist
Dara Hochstadter Physical Therapist
Nikki Imperial-Dillon Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jennifer King Occupational Therapist
Elizabeth Kubie Occupational Therapist
Anne McLean Occupational Therapist
Ricky Ngotianco Physical Therapist
Louise Pastore Physical Therapist
Bakula Patel Physical Therapist
Carmelle Phillips Occupational Therapist
Stephanie Rivera Occupational Therapy Assistant
Christina Roberts Occupational Therapist
Janette Scafidi Physical Therapist
Rita Turok Physical Therapist
Jennifer Wagner Occupational Therapist
Michael Yasso Physical Therapist
Yeeria Yee Occupational Therapist